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3 Signs You Have a Torn Shoulder

Man with shoulder painThe 3 signs you have a torn shoulder are that you have lost your range of motion, you have pain when you flex your arm and resist pressure, or that you hear crackling sounds in the shoulder.

The shoulder should be able to go through normal ranges of motion of flexion, extension, abduction, external, and internal rotation without pain or discomfort. If when you are going through the ranges of motion, you have to use your upper trapezius muscles to compensate for the shoulder, or you are unable to go through any of the above actions without pain, it’s important to have your doctor do an evaluation to ensure you have not torn your rotator cuff.

Dr. TabriziIf when you flex your arm, turn your thumb down like you’re pouring out a drink, and push with your other hand and feel pain behind your shoulder, it could be a sign that you have damaged the soft tissue structures of your rotator cuff, specifically a muscle called the supraspinatus (a commonly torn muscle of the rotator cuff). Your doctor will evaluate further to assess the extent of your injuries if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or other injury.

If you hear crackling sounds, otherwise known as crepitus, those sounds could be harmless sounds of tendons moving around the bones, or they could be a chronic sign of damage to the rotator cuff after overuse injuries or accident-related injuries. Your chiropractor will order the proper diagnostic testing to rule out any underlying disease that could cause complications in the future and to address the issues immediately.

Diagnosis is crucial and the good news is the diagnosis tools for the shoulder are advanced and affordable. Musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasounds, MRIs, and digital x-rays help to quickly and effectively diagnose the underlying issues so that time isn’t wasted on unnecessary treatment. If you or someone you love has been suffering from pain due to an accident or an injury call our office immediately so that we can give you back your quality of life.

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