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Physiotherapy for Relief from Soft Tissue and Muscle Pain
at Tabrizi Family Chiropractic

Physical therapy on the knee

At Tabrizi Family Chiropractic, we understand that pain in your soft tissues and muscles can be debilitating and limit your ability to move and function in your daily life. That’s why our physiotherapy services are focused on providing relief from pain and discomfort in these areas, as an adjunctive service to chiropractic care.

Gentle, Focused Techniques

Dr. Tabrizi uses a variety of techniques to alleviate pain in soft tissues and muscles, such as the Graston technique, which helps to break down scar tissue and restrictions in these areas. By gently massaging the skin with an instrument, he can break down any scar tissue that may be present due to trauma, such as a muscle or ligament pull.

To further your healing, Dr. Tabrizi will also use proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, which uses your own reflexes to produce deeper stretches that will increase your flexibility and strengthen muscles. He will also add resistance band training and weight training to strengthen your muscles and help them adjust.

To ensure you get the most out of your physiotherapy treatments, Dr. Tabrizi also provides patients with ready-made videos to take home with them, so you can stay on top of your treatment plan and continue to improve your function and reduce pain.

Get Back to Living Your Life

If you’re suffering from pain in your soft tissues and muscles, don’t hesitate to contact Tabrizi Family Chiropractic for relief. Our comprehensive approach to pain management can help you get back to feeling like yourself again.

Call today to make an appointment. We can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.

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