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What Happens After A Car Accident

woman with neck pain in carAfter a rear end car accident, you can experience serious damage to the ligaments in your spine which can result in an array of uncomfortable and potentially disabling symptoms. Though the cause of the rear-end collision has to be determined, and the extent of the damage assessed, the supporting and stabilizing ligaments play a critical role in the outcome of your healing after your car accident.

The ligaments function to hold the vertebrae together and allow movement of the spine. They also keep the vertebrae from “separating” from one another. In a car accident, even small fender benders, the force can put an immense amount of pressure on the toughest of ligaments and can cause them to tear or stretch. This can result in a weakened and destabilized spine, pain, swelling, numbness and tingling, and reduced mobility. This is why it is important that Dr. Tabrizi check your spine after a car accident and perform the proper examinations.

We believe that after a car accident, a proper diagnosis is critical. On the first visit, Dr. Tabrizi will perform a thorough history and perform an examination. If necessary, through the use of diagnostic imaging such as digital X-ray of MRI, a proper diagnosis can reveal damage to the ligaments of the spine. Once a proper diagnosis has been established, the appropriate treatment will be utilized to achieve the most effective results.


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